Terrence Spectacle - Man Down

Available on NuDallas now: soundcloud.com/terrencespectacle

Directed by Parker Foster

Music video by Terrence Spectacle performing “Man Down”. (C) 2014 The IRAS, a division of The Independent Recording Arts Society

"NuDallas" music video by Terrence Spectacle. "NuDallas" takes an introspective look at the current state of the Dallas hip-hop scene –which could best be described as high school. As Dallas Observer’s Marathon Man, Terrence Spectacle plays an underdog that is oust before a school marathon. Terrence is forced to put in extra time and work to level up with his competitors. In the end, Spectacle appears to come in last because the road to success isn’t a race; it’s who can run the longest. As long as you stay in your lane, run at your pace and never look back, you’ll inevitably be successful.

Directed by Parker Foster

"NuDallas" Album: https://soundcloud.com/terrencespectacle/sets/nudallas
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Terrence Spectacle’s “NuDallas” is the 19-year-old rapper’s coming-to-age debut project that is an inimitable body of work that further blurs the divides of Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop. “NuDallas” exists in a time where the effects of futurism are social implications and the tradition sound of hip-hop is a thing of the past. NuDallas’ animated theme of love, self-esteem, sex, depression and drugs makes the dizzy pop-hop record one riveting experience.

First single from my upcoming project, NuDallas.

Featuring https://soundcloud.com/brandonfxrd, https://soundcloud.com/kissedkilled, https://soundcloud.com/jarvishodges & https://soundcloud.com/critlife.
Additional vocals from @YYRO

Lyrics: http://rapgenius.com/Terrence-spectacle-blusummer-lyrics
Engineered by @Msaw
Artwork by ICON

Music video coming later this month!

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